I was born and raised in Orkney, a group of islands off the north coast of Scotland. In 2006 I began pottery lessons with David Holmes, this soon became an apprenticeship  that continued for years. I then moved to Phillip Island, Australia where she now works from her ceramics studio in Cowes.

David Holmes taught me about all the processes involved in making ceramics.

From digging clay out of the ground, all the way through to taking the finished article out of the kiln. We did it all. Every session was different, although we mainly produced wheel thrown porcelain we also dabbled in hand building and large scale coil building.

When it comes to glazes our main focus was always raku, but we also experimented with  crystalline and copper reds.

David instilled the importance of an optimistic outlook, in life and work. I grew to understand that you can never be sure how a pot will look when you finally take it out of the kiln.

If it didn't work, then we would make it again. Without the complete skill set that David provided, I would not have been able to turn this hobby into a profession. I now look forward to continuing this ceramics journey in David's name.

Emma Le-Mar