Raku 楽

Raku is an ancient Japanese firing technique in which a pot is removed from the kiln while still red hot. This firing style has been imitated in the western world since the sixties. The Western-style Raku technique was adapted so that the pot is wrapped in a material (such as paper or sawdust) once removed from the kiln, rather than being allowed to cool down naturally. Western-style Raku creates striking spiderwebs of cracks in the glaze that make every pot unique.

I personally have been practicing this technique for over 13 years; below is a short clip of me removing a sphere from the kiln and wrapping it in newspaper. Raku glazes are not food safe. The pots are also very porous and are not recommended for holding liquids. 

The word Raku translates from the original Japanese to mean pleasure, enjoyment and contentment, and I hope my pot passes this on to you.