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Le-Mar Ceramics offers bespoke ceramics, specialising in Raku. All of these pieces are hand crafted in my Phillip Island studio, by me, Emma Le-Mar. 

My work can be viewed in

Bass Coast galleries including ArtSpace and Leongatha Gallery. Or visit my store to explore my range and purchase your own piece.


I have been practising this technique for over 16 years; the short video shows me wrapping a sphere in newspaper. For more videos and  information about this technique click here

The word Raku can be translated to mean

pleasure, enjoyment or contentment.

I hope for my work to evoke those emotions in you

As the overall winner of the 35th Inverloch Art Show I am incredibly proud to have been awarded

The Blair Art Prize.


This award was named in memory of Blair Hodges, in recognition of his long standing support of the Inverloch Art Show. 

I am not currently running any workshops, however I hope to open my studio in Rhyll for private classes in the near future.

If you have previously been in one of my classes and have any questions or comments, please get in touch via contacts

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